Terms & Conditions for World Cup Offer

1. This OFFER will be available with online registering at www.novaeyewear.com

2. Offer will be issued after showing the unique code which will be sent in registered Email ID.

3. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer/promotion.

4. Normal delivery & returns policy apply

5. The tenure of the offer 5th July till 15th July.

6. The offer can be redeemed till 22nd of July.

7. To qualify for our 1000 off offer you must visit nearby GKB optical Store and show the code.

9. Not available at all the locations .

8. We reserve the right to update or change the Terms at any time .

10. Offer will be availed with the Purchase is selected NOVA HD, NOVA PLUS lens and Blumax determined by stock levels.

11. This offer is subject to availability.

12. If you have any query on any of the above simply email help@novaeyewear.com for further information.