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The Blumax lens technology uses a material that filters out harmful UV and Blue Light ensuring better protection.


Blumax lenses block harmful UV & Blue Light both outdoors & indoors.

Blumax lenses offer seamless strain-free vision, with both indoor and outdoor protection against harmful UV and Blue Light.


Blumax lenses filter out the sun’s harmful UV as well as Blue Light.


Blumax lenses block harmful high-energy blue light from all light sources and digital devises.


  • Blumax lenses filter 100% UVA & UVB rays
  • It helps to protect from high energy harmful blue light
  • Blumax lenses are available with various lens designs and coatings


BluMax Standard Blumax Standard lense helps to protect our eyes

Protect your eyes with Blumax Standard lenses

  • BLUMAX STANDARD Lenses Cuts down UV Rays & a portion of The Harmful HEV Blue light thus helps to Protect our Eyes from potential danger.*
  • BLUMAX STANDARD Lenses maintain a fine balance between performance & aesthetics. The Lenses helps to offer higher degree of protection without a major compromise on the Lens .*

* Compared with standard UV 400 Protection lenses & Standard Lenses

BluMax Ultra Blumax Ultra Performance Redefined

  • BLUMAX ULTRA helps to cuts down UV rays & a major portion of the harmful HEV blue light thus helps in higher levels of protection to our eyes from potential danger.*
  • BLUMAX ULTRA lenses are helpful for providing extra protection. for people whose lifestyle exposes them to harmful UV rays & HEV blue light a lot more and for people who value higher degree of protection over the transparency of their lenses, Blumax Ultra, is the lens of choice.

* Compared with standard UV 400 Protection lenses & BLUMAX Ultra Lenses