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To provide complete eye protection from harmful blue light and UV rays emitted by digital devices.

  • Blue light exposure is "Global Epidemic" thru digital devices
  • Leads to eye-fatigue, tiredness & loss of productivity

Providing an affordable instant solution for professionals engaged in extended job hours exposed to harmful blue-light

How harmful is Blue-light

AT 380nm, the energy per photon is 3.27ev
AT 760nm, the energy per photon is 1.63ev

Blue Light has almost twice the energy per photon has red light at the other end of the visible spectrum,
This is the same energy that causes sunburn and cataracts.

What happens when eye is exposed to harmful Blue-light:

  1. Disrupts the Circadian Rhythm
  2. Higher risk of certain types of cancer
  3. Higher risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease & Obesity
  4. Aggravates Depression
  5. May induce Myopia
  6. May induce/aggravate Age Related Macular degeneration & even irreversible vision loss
  7. Digital Eye Strain Syndrome, Blurry Vision, Aesthanopic & Orthopaedic symptoms
  8. Suppresses Melatonin - the sleep inducing hormone, thus reducing the ability to sleep

Common sources of Blue-light:

What is Blumax

BluMax is a revolutionary material which by virtue of it's material property absorbs harmful UV rays & high energy Blue Light. It is a neutral color-balanced substrate, blended in the lens material while the lens is casted. It doesn't alter the inherent properties of the lens material, but ensures enhanced protection to the eyes by absorbing UV & high energy Blue light entering the lens. Additionally, it helps to enhance contrast & thus ensures clearer vision.

What Blumax actually does

Solutions we provide

Ready To Wear BluMax Frames

For Plano Users - Get these frames off the counter and start protecting your eyes from harmful blue light from any digital devices

For Users needing Vision Correction - Get the lens in your own prescription from SV to BiFocal to PAL