How your optometrist can help maintain healthy vision

optometrist can help maintain healthy vision

Is your child complaining about double vision or difficulty in seeing the blackboard from the last bench? Are you blinking more often than you used to do? Are your eyes itching with a burning sensation? For these you need to see your optometrist for addressing these issues. But, what if you are not facing any of the above stated problems? If you are thinking your eyes are completely fine and taking an appointment with the optometrist is absolutely needless, then we beg to differ with you here. Most of the times, you ignore the subtle signs like messy handwriting, being clumsy and lack of concentration which can be due to poor eyesight. From a very early age, you must make sure that a visit to the optometrist is never ignored. Even if there are no major issues with eyesight, it is advisable to get a regular checkup every year.

Things to know before visiting an optometrist:

Before going for an eye-check-up it is always helpful to know what should be the routine tests that the optometrist is expected to do. This would give you confidence and assurance that the eye test has been performed with due care following proper methods.

After taking a complete history of your eyesight problems and of course your lifestyle, your optometrist will get to the current issue you are facing. The optometrist then should determine your current Visual Acuity (with existing correction if any). This should be followed by tests like Retinoscopy , Autorefractometry, Torch Light Examination (a must to do test followed from ages), Intraocular pressure measurment, Cover Test and Slit Lamp examination. A professional optometrist will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the process. Make sure you say clearly about all your issues in detail and answer to the queries properly. Your version will allow your optometrist to diagnose and offer solutions accordingly. It is imperative that after the eye test the optometrist must explain you the prescription and advise you accordingly

Optometrist’s role in ensuring healthy vision:

 Clear vision & comfort:

 Needless to say, for maintaining healthy vision you must get your eyes checked every one year. Many a times, vision problems go undetected and a check-up on time could prevent life-long issues.  Those with eye power needs to check their power on regular basis to detect fluctuations in power and to avoid wearing the wrong prescription that will be harmful to eyes. When you are there for an eye checkup and if you wear prescription glasses, it is most likely your optometrist would suggest power sunglasses for outdoor protection. Sunglasses with power sun lenses will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and also take care of visual clarity. Consult your optometrist to get the right pair of sunglasses for yourself.

Protection from harmful blue light:

With the extensive use of digital devices, we are all exposed to the harmful effects of blue lights emitted from the digital screens. Also children are equally vulnerable to digital eye strain at a very early age. As per reports, 83% of kids use mobile phones for more than 3 hours a day. To help combat digital eyestrain which is affecting the majority today, your optometrist would suggest effective solutions such as blue-lighting blocking lenses and coatings as per your visual needs.

Our eyes are one of the most important sensory organs which have two million moving parts, working simultaneously for a perfect vision.  They are continuously adapting to changing lights and environment and needs to be taken care of with help of optometrist for healthy vision which is key to healthy living.  Getting a checkup done once in a while will help you detect any vision related issues, if any, at an earlier stage.

An international brand like Nova does care for you and your eye-sight. Nova offers a vast portfolio of premium eye-care products to cater to various visual requirements. Whether you need lenses for active lifestyle, or for sports, or driving or prevention of eye-fatigue or for UV protection, Nova has the right solution for better vision and better living.

Foods that will keep your eyes healthy


Are you eating right? Yes, we all love to gorge upon tasty delicacies and while doing so who cares about the health meter. You might not be worried about your increasing fat but do you know something else is also getting affected due to your reckless diet. Wondering what is it? It’s your eyes.

With increasing pollution, the UV rays are affecting our eyes at a higher rate. It’s a notion that harmful rays are only coming in the form of sunlight. The digital world is evolving and the adverse effects do not fail to spread its harmful arms. Thus, opticians suggest patients to wear blue ray glasses for vision correction. These kinds of specs are not only helpful for vision correction but strain prevention.


Let’s talk about food


Returning to the topic of savory here are some foods that will help your eyes keep healthy. You can add this straight to your diet even if you are already using blue ray spectacles for your eyes.


  • Carrot- Orange is the color. Take it as much you can. Orange fruits and vegetables are your eye’s friend. The vitamin A type that helps in improving vision is Beta-carotene. It aids the retina of your eyes assuring healthy eyes.
  • Green Vegetables- It is an age old saying that you might have heard from every elder in your family. Lots of green are good for your health and eyes just get a better prevention from eye problems. Green vegetables have antioxidants and are helpful for eyes in the long run. Though digital eye strain is a basic problem for which you can get blue ray glasses, there are other age-related eye issues like cataract and macular degeneration, for which green works the best.
  • Citrus Magic- If you are a fruit lover, then this will definitely excite you. Berries and citrus fruits are a powerhouse of Vitamin C. This is another Vitamin that is extremely beneficial for your eyes.

Bored with this veggie talks?

Yes, we understand that you might not be a lover of veggies and these suggestions might seem very boring to you. Nova will never bore you nor with its collection of blue ray spectacles or its eye care tips. If you wish to have some exciting alternative to healthy food you can try almonds. This is something that you can try both for your eyes and skin health. It has Vitamin E in ample quantity that slows down macular degeneration.

Non-Veggies Wake Up

If you have been thinking that eye health is all about nuts and veggies, you are wrong. Keep the blue ray spectacles steady and stop feeling blue thinking about those vegetarian options.  We are here with some non-veg healthy options too. Find the list below and start enjoying eating.


A single piece of egg contains 13 gms of protein. The yolk prevents the thinning of macula that often leads to vision impairment.

Fish options

If you love experimenting with several fish dishes, this is something that will excite you. Fishes like tuna, trout, salmon, anchovies, and mackerel are great for your eyes. These fishes have high amount of DHA. These fishes are an excellent option if you are facing problems of dry eyes.

Here are just a few options of food that you can try. If you are facing with some serious eye issues talk to an optician. Check your eye power every few months and ensure wearing blue ray spectacles for eye protection.

How to fight the problems of digital eye strain?


Technology is ever growing but our human body is not completely in pace with the evolution. Technology might have made life easier and fast but the physical discomfort caused is often behind the curtain. The problem cannot be realized on a single day. With prolonged use, the adverse effects are harming the human body and here the discomfort is all about the vision. Knowingly, or unknowingly the blue rays are leading people towards digital strain.

So, what is the solution? Should we stop using those digital devices emitting blue rays? No, that cannot be the only solution. The modern eyewear that we offer covers the solution Nova with its wide range of eyewear, sunglasses for men and lenses assures eye protection with a layer that helps to deviate the harmful impacts of the Blu ray.

Preventive measures

  • 20-20 rule

The modern workforce is driven by laptops and computers and in such scenario the 20-20 rule truly helps your eyes to relax. Every 20 minutes take a break of 20 second and stare at something that’s 20 feet away from you. Needless to say, that it shouldn’t be another device emitting the blue ray.

  • Dim the brightness

While you are using the mobile phone or laptop make sure you minimize the brightness level. This might be a problem at the first point. Your eyes might take a little time to adjust but gradually when it becomes a habit it will be helpful for the most precious asset of your life. In mobiles, you can turn on the blue light filter. Here, we are also talking about the harmful UV rays that harm your eyes. You can dim that brightness by using Nova sunglasses. 

  • Increase the text size

Do not give your eyes any stress to your eye while you are reading. Make it a bigger document at a stretch; make sure you are increasing the text size. This will relax your eyes. You can sit back and keep yourself few feet away from the screen and still read the document.

  • Choose the right lenses

Nova sunglasses and eyewear comes with a protective layer to meet the increasing digital strain. The lenses have power coatings and tints which are not only protective but maximize the visual abilities of the user.

  • Seating position

Check the seat you are taking when you are sitting with a digital device. While using our mobile phones or laptop we tend to think more about the comfort of our body rather than our eyes. Most of the people using mobile phones for long hours are using it in a very wrong position. You can always try to be conscious. The change you can bring today in your lifestyle is checking the sitting arrangement ion your office. Make sure you adjust the height of the chair in a way that your feet rest flat on ground. If the chair you are using has a hand rest, it should be in a position that you can rest your hands over it while typing. The common mistake is resting the wrist on the bottom portion of the keyboard.

  • Prevent Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a very common problem for people using computer at a stretch. With the popularity and e uninhabited use of smartphones for a long time, this has become a very common issue. As the name says, the fluid of eyes starts drying causing dry eyes. The solution is to blink more often which will control the level of moist in your eyes.

  • Take regular care

Water is eye’s best friend. Keep aside those heavy eye makeups and give a splash a little often to make sure your eyes get some rest. When you are outdoors, do not ever forget your shades. Even if you have power in your eyes sporting a sunglass is not a problem. You can always try power sunglasses that will not only protect your eyes but add up to your style quotient. In Nova, you will find a wide variety of sunglasses for men and women that will suit your personality. All Nova sunglasses and eyewear marvels in quality and assures complete vision correction and style.


Why Nova

Nova is just any eyewear brand. It has an ethos that makes it different. We understand that eyewear is not just for vision correction anymore. It must add more value to your lifestyle and fashion statement. Thus, we have introduced a fashionable range of Nova sunglasses that goes with our mantra Vision Meets Fashion.